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Friday, 27 February 2015 | 06:48 | 0comments
Hai Assalamualaikum After a quite long time I keep myself on silent, but tonight I want to write something from my heart. Dear superman,firstly I wanna say sorry because I can't bring myself there on your important day. Tapi doa saya sentiasa mengiringi awak. I still remember last year when you came and see me to take my SPM result.Honestly , I really want to do the same thing you did to me. But unluckily I have to attend the class because my final exam is around the corner. Dont be sad sweetheart. Feel my presence in your heart. I just stay in there and didnt go anywhere. I will always pray for your successful. Insyaallah kejayaan menyebelahi awak wahai kekasih. Saya sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan awak.

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Hi, peeps. Welcome to my blog. Queenessa Liana here :) Yon's forever ♥ Btw a big thanks to Amer Izzat for these icons below and this awesome blogskin plus, thanks to Timmy because helped me renovated my blog *tepuk tangan*

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